EVE SDE SQL Queries – MSSQL Syntax

Hauptunterschied: escape Charakter ist " und nicht ` – wie bei "security"
Zusätzlich zeigen die Abfragen auf Tabellen, die über mit dem Tool EVEMonSDEExternalsToSQL mit den Inhalten der *.yaml Dateien gefüllt werden.

Im Navigationspanel lassen sich die Queries mit Klick einblenden.
Klick in den angezeigten Code wählt ihn aus.
Queries sind worst practice.

These are queries which I use to keep my (growing collection of) tables and overviews up to date – in that lovely five week cycle. This page mainly is my cheat sheet each time a new SDE arrives, so I can create my json files. For this, I directly use the dump by CCP which uses the Microsoft SQL Server format.
Major difference: escape charakter is ", not ` – like for "security".
Also, many of these queries rely on a DB where the *.yaml files from the SDE got imported back using EVEMonSDEExternalsToSQL.

You can load the queries from the navigation panel at the top left of the page.
Clicking into the part where the code is shown selects it. You'll have to copy that yourself to the clipboard, I won't let anything requiring the Flash plugin enter my space. Queries are worst practice.

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