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EVE Videos and Images

EVE ist nun über 10 Jahre alt. Und wie schon bei den Keynote Videos zum Fanfest 2013, lohnt sich eventuell ein Blick auf die Anfangszeit. Da CCP die Community Site aufgehübscht hat, sind zahlreiche Seiten weggefallen. unter anderem auch die mit Videos und Concept Art. Die Videos selbst sind dort allerdings noch hosted. Deshalb habe ich diese Seite erstellt, die ein paar davon auflistet.

Die Concept Art Bilder sind leider größtenteils nur noch als Vorschau verfügbar.

Mit ein wenig Arbeit könnt Ihr weitere Videos und Bilder selbst aufrufen, schaut dafür mit der Wayback Machine in die Vergangenheit.
Inzwischen hat CCP den Aufruf der meisten Seiten von http://communityclassic.eveonline.com/ mit einer Weiterleitung auf die aktuelle Community Website versehen. Die alten Übersichtsseiten sind nun offenbar nicht mehr verfügbar.
Im Fan Videos Tab habe ich eine Sammlung weiterer Videos zusammengestellt, die einen Blick oder ein Ohr wert sind.
Videos startet Ihr durch Klick auf das Vorschaubild.

EVE is more than ten years old now. During Fanfest 2013, CCP took a look back on highlights of those ten years and even further back in memory of the initial development of the game. But the refresh of theCommunity Site removed the easy access to some interesting videos and images of the early days. While the videos are still hosted on CCP's servers, their overview pages are gone as well as most of the concept art images. I created this page to provide a way to still watch them.

Unfortunately, there's no longer a larger version of most concept art images.

If you want, to can take a look back in time yourself using the Wayback Machine. There you can select several states of the community site in the years passed.
CCP meanwhile set redirects on most of the old content that was available on http://communityclassic.eveonline.com/ pointing to the current community site. Those redirects unfortunately result in a not found (404) error.
I also added another tab with Fan Videos where you can find additional video content created by the community. You'll definately want to check them out, if you don't know them already!


videothumb 2005-09-15 – EVE Never Fades
Absolutely jaw dropping visual and acoustical journey of EVE Online. If you liked the last ZOND3 trailer then get ready to be blown away in this mammoth. The fresh soundtrack is by JunkieXL. So we hope you like the trailer. As always, ALL SCENES were captured from actual gameplay.
videothumb 2004-11-02 – EVE-Online: EXODUS
This trailer sets a new standard for future EVE trailers and includes artistically captured scenes by ZOND3, music by RealX, and dramatic narration. All scenes in the trailer were captured from actual gameplay and are not pre-rendered graphics. The trailer demonstrates our vision of how the new expansion will affect players and the political landscape within EVE.
videothumb 2003-05-10 – Late Beta 
A trailer from the late beta tests of EVE, featuring a song made by Sölvi Blöndal of Quarashi and a lot of action. Ships equipped with Micro warp drives truly show how fast-paced combat in EVE can be. The recent introduction of turret tracking speed, accuracy falloff range and transversal speed of ships really makes the difference when deciding the outcome of conflicts.
videothumb 2003-02-11 – Where it all began
Another trailer made by our friends at Simon & Schuster Interactive. This one caused quite a stirr as when released as its mood and music contradict the guidelines set for such trailers. It has how ever matured with age and is quite a good viewing.
videothumb 2003-01-08 – The Caldari outlaw
A trailer made by our friends at Vivendi. A Caldari outlaw has played by the rules long enough and the time has come to build his own empire by using his wits, a story reflecting the lives of many players in the world of EVE.
videothumb 2002-05-22 – Phoenix
Captured from the Phoenix version of EVE, this is the version that was used in the first alpha tests. It shows the start of the desktop approach to EVE user interface and the graphics engine special effects that were in at the time. The sound effects have matured considerably since this clip was recorded. 
videothumb 2002-01-21 – Angelice Prime
The Angelice Prime trailer is the first high production trailer made from actual gameplay, featuring subwoofer missile impact sounds and ballet-like dancing of the ships. Also featured are particle system effects to create smoke and flame. The trailer ends with a classic quote by Jock Ewing of Dallas.
videothumb 2000-08-01 – True premise
The second EVE trailer ever made, this features a sound track by RealX, the EVE music director. The sound tracking of this trailer was one of his first tasks at CCP. The clip, though made at a primitive stage during the development of the game, is true to the premise of EVE.
videothumb2000-06-01 – The big chill
Our first trailer, oozing with ambiance and the feel of EVE. It is a constant amazement to the programmers of CCP how effectively our artists can create a mood and emotion-packed graphics with little technology.

Making of

videothumb2008-11-14 – EVE-Online: The making of Quantum Rise
See how the development process at CCP works, learn how the Orca was created and discover why Jón ended up in the hospital. All this and more in the Behind the scenes video: The making of Quantum Rise
videothumb 2006-07-06 – Let's Rock the World Together
Here is a little introduction video that the staff of CCP sent to Optic communications, CCP’s partners for EVE China. It’s always good fun to watch CEO Hilmar flex his broken Mandarin ;-) 
videothumb 2003-05-22 – Behind the scenes
Here is a little documentary on what goes on behind the scenes at the CCP development studio, featuring a view at the art production line, an early version of EVE's user interface and even some foosball and gourmet cooking from the CCP Kitchen.
videothumb 2003-05-12 – Reynir Harðarsson, Art Director
Reynir Harðarsson, EVE's Art Director, talks about the idea for the game, it's roots in the Elite experience, Sid Meier's Civilization and, of course, Ultima Online. He also discusses the challenges for creating a game with the scope and complexity of EVE, how EVE will stand out in the MMORPG market and what the coolest thing is about Iceland… sort of…
videothumb 2003-05-12 – Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, Chief Technology Officer
Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, Chief Technology Officer at CCP - in the middle of the night, at the end of the crunch, low on personal hygiene- talks about the making of EVE, the different stages of the production and the technology behind the it. This clip shows screen shots of various versions of EVE as it evolved throughout its 3-year production period.
videothumb 2003-05-02 – Mike Wallis, Producer
Mike Wallis, Producer, explains how Simon & Schuster Interactive came to work with CCP back in April 2001, how EVE will stand out, and the newbie experience. This interview was taken at the end of the Beta testing for EVE, so a good portion is spent on the favorite topic at the time: would EVE be ready by its scheduled release date? Mike, a Californian, also shares with us his impressions of Iceland.
videothumb 2003-05-01 – Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Lead Concept Artist
Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Lead Concept Artist of EVE, talks about his inspirations for the look of the races, the feel for the art in the game and the process of creating a ship for EVE. This interview is taken at the end of the crunch before release. Here, Ásgeir talks about playing the game occasionally once released; the reality was that once he started playing on Tranquility, we couldn't tear him away from the computer.
videothumb 2003-04-24 – Jon Hallur, Music Director
Jon Hallur, nicknamed RealX, music director, fiddling with the sliders, composing the music of EVE Online. In this clip, RealX discusses his influences, and how he started working for CCP. RealX planes to mine or haul when EVE comes out, on his 25th birthday.
videothumb 2003-04-10 – Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes at CCP. Interviews with various CCP staff about EVE. A glimpse of the office lizards and some shots from E3 2003.
videothumb 2003-02-28 – IGN CCP visit
Tal Blevins of IGN visits CCP for an up close and personal look at the game and the people making it. Shot at the CCP offices in Reykjavik, Tal manages to catch the essence of life at CCP through his informal chats and schmoozing with the crew.
videothumb 2003-02-28 – IGN preview
IGN’s Tal Blevins previews EVE before coming over to Iceland for the full-blown CCP/EVE effect. In this preview, Tal gives an excellent overview of the character creation process, the first steps in the game, skills, market, the universe map, combat and PvP aspects. All in all, it gives a good overview of EVE, even through it was made during the early beta tests.

3D Engine Tests

videothumb 2006-11-13 – Ship Model Comparison
Shown during the Eve fanfest 2006 as part of Dan Speed's lecture, this video presents a side by side comparison of ships running on current graphics, and utilizing updated DirectX 9 graphics.
videothumb 2001-05-14 – Having fun with particles
EVE sports an extensive particle system, which is used to create weapon outbursts, impacts and damage state. Some of the particle effects here are a bit more color full then what we use in EVE but having fun with particles, is well fun :)
videothumb 2001-05-14 – Concept Scenes
Minmatar Slasher frigates flying passed a Minmatar Tempest Battleship. The setting is an planetary asteroid ring Concept scene for planetary asteroid rings. The greatest thing to happen to mining, since Miner IIs. Expect them to arrive in 2004
videothumb 2001-05-14 – Gallente Vexor Cruiser
The Vexor is looks even nicer than the Tristan with its combination of high shine brass line plates on to of a mat structure. This clip also sports one of the first version of ship damage state through the use of particle systems.
videothumb 2001-05-14 – Gallente Tristan Frigate
The Tristan in all its glory, showing of variable reflectance shaders and textures, creating an overall appearance of an used and realistic spaceship.
videothumb 2001-05-13 – Caldari Griffin Frigate
Here are some flybys of the Griffin. This clip is captured digitally with the Trinity 3D engine an effect that we found to be extremely nice but can now easily be achieved with off the shelf packages and powerful computers.
2001-05-12 – Caldari Kestrel Frigate

Flyby of the majestic Kestrel, on fire this time, probably after a skirmish in Serpentis Prime. Look at how the smoke is alpha blended where as the fire is additive.
videothumb 2001-05-12 – Caldari Bantam Missile Tests
Bantam missile tests. The Caldari are known for their preference in using missiles. Here we see some Bantams launching one of the first missiles ever launched in on EVE.
videothumb 2001-05-11 – Bantam Dynamics
A flyby of the Bantam. The camera mode of watching another object while traveling along the trajectory of another creates interesting dynamics, this can be achieved in EVE by targeting an object, orbiting it and placing the mouse cursor over the target.
videothumb 2001-05-11 – Fly-by effect
An even better examble of a flyby camera effect. Here the camera is watching a group of Bantams in a formation flight. Formation fligh was a feature of EVE early on but didn't fit really well with the high variance in ship speeds and the use of micro warp drives and after burners. Formations evolved to gangs and gang warping.
videothumb 2001-04-03 – The U.I.
First user test of a full Direct 3D user interface. The first versions of the user interface tried to mimic Maya menu selection to a varied degree of success.
videothumb 2001-04-03 – Extended U.I.
Extended view of the first full Direct 3D user interface. The interface was quickly moved down on the screen but maintained its menu origin for quite some time.
videothumb 2001-04-03 – Jove Fleet
A rare flyby of a Jove fleet. This scene is a bit damage by old compression codecs but the jove sighting more than makes up for that
videothumb 2001-02-07 – Face generation
First test from our face generation system. The skin shader is still a bit too oily and anastropic highlights are not in. Comparing these clips with
videothumb 2001-02-07 – Face generation II
Another clip from the early face generation tests. This clip also showes our engine modeling tool, and the easy access our artist have to shader modification.
videothumb 2001-02-07 – The Fat Man
One of the first rendering ever of the Tristan, often dubbed the fat man. The Tristan shows a good example of the worn look of the EVE ships, the paint of the ship is less reflective than the metal underneath.
videothumb 2001-02-07 – It's all about rust
The first of the non-reflective rust experiments. For EVE we wanted everything to have a used look to it and as spaceships are mostly metal, this meant rusty metal which is as you can see here is a combination of a highly reflective and non-reflective surface shading.

Community Created

„Here we have gathered together videos produced by EVE players. These clips are in no way affiliated with CCP other than including footage from EVE. All credit goes to their creators.”
2009-03-30 – Day Of Darkness II
Second in a series of Chronicle films, based on the Gallente-Caldari War: The Breakout

Author: Dire Lauthris 1280x720
2007-05-07 – Day of Darkness
First in a series of Chronicle films. Hope you like!

Author: Dire Lauthris
2005-01-19 – The Battle of Syndicate
Battle of Syndicate. Combines coalition forces (primarily Vengeance Of The Fallen [VoTF] / RONA-Kia [R-K] + others) during the battle of VV-VCR and FD-MLJ. 

Author: EviL ElectriciaN, The coalition forces.
2005-01-19 – The Fallen
A tribute to Zarquon Beeblebrox - we miss you!

Author: Myal Terego
2005-01-19 – Persistance
With the return of key pilots who had offered their services to other coporatins, D.N.A has been reformed. Severing all connections with USTA, D.N.A carries forward with the true vision of what USTA has seemed to have forgotten …

Author: Nilkarus
2005-01-19 – Gurista Border Patrol
Always Vigilant, Always On Patrol. 

Author: LocalHost[EXO]
2005-01-19 – Vengeance of the Fallen | The Exodus Chronicle
It is a dark time for the Curse Alliance. In the years following the great Exodus, a time of colonization, exploration, and conflict, the Curse Alliance finds itself in a desperate struggle between the newer revolutionary Exodus driven forces and the older monarchial ways of old. Who will stand up and answer the call to save the land known as Curse.

Author: LLeBRing
2005-01-19 – Farewell Curse
Curse may die but the dream is still there 

Author: Einheriar Ulrich. Vengeance of the Fallen.
2004-10-26 – Flight of the Crow
Crow eye candy

Author: Hanns
2004-10-26 – Berserk 2
As Raven class battleship’s AI called "Battle Angel" mental state went even more berserk her captain decided to change her body to a Blasterthron to accommodate her growing needs for pure battle. After a few test runs she was ready for battle and this is how it turned out…

Author: Axel
2004-10-26 – Cult of Cthulhu presents: Be ruthless
The mercenary corp Cult of Cthulhu presents "be ruthless", with a special "Cult of Cthulhu Darwin Awards" feature

Author: Mitchman
2004-10-26 – Adako - short film
Something different, something new.

Author: Sicori Malaki
2004-10-26 – The Battle For Venal – Part I
The massive Great Northern War is over. The war has now changed in to more concentrated combat in the region of Venal between forces of Phoenix Alliance and BOB.

Author: Leafo
2004-09-21 – MAFIA methods
Mafia corporation is roaming Syndicate region along with other pirate corporations. Mafia methods "What we have here is a total lack of respect for the law" website: www.evemafia.com 

Author: Skywalker
2004-09-20 – Dead? Again?
Small ganging engagements in PA campaigns in Fade, Deklein and Tenal.

Author: Leafo
2004-09-20 – The Great Northern War (Timeline) - Outbreak / Tides of War
The Great Northern War, in all its entirety, can hardly be described in one movie or in one instance of a particular point in time during the GNW. This movie attempts to inform those who have little understanding, and astound those who are involved personally in the war. It is a long movie filled with some of the most action packed, highly developed, and amazing scenes ever put together for an EVE movie.

Author: LLeBRing 
2004-09-20 – Retribution
With the Solitude campain a success, our heros are hot on the trail of these political tyrants

Author: Nilkarus
2004-09-20 – The Last Stand
A combined Evolution, M0o and Reikoku force decimate an enemy fleet in an incredible demonstration of skill, tactics and fleet management. Edited Teamspeak audio is included.

Author: Anede
2004-09-20 – War Is Evil
The Phoenix Alliance deploys a small fighter wing into Fade and Deklein.

Author: Leafo
2004-09-20 – When you're ready
When you're ready to take the next step … The Punisher frigate

Author: Shintoko Akahoshi
2004-09-20 – Das Boot
Third Great Wildlands Campaign By Celestial Apocalypse.

Author: Loctar
2004-09-20 – Buccaneers hunting in your backyard
The Captain Morgan Society in action.

Author: H Zub/Captain Morgan Society
2004-07-06 – A Salute to the Kestrel
Another evening of pure fun in Eve, Mercenary Forces and The Dark Path salute the Kestrel!

Author: JoCool
2004-06-23 – Intaki Cutthroats
Proud warriors from the Syndicate, we fight for our bloodline and our homeland. The rich and powerful are our enemy, our prey. We never attack Intaki brothers unless they have betrayed the bloodline.

Author: Jurgan
2004-06-23 – PA vs. FU
PA vs. FU (apparently it was a large battle .. third video in a row ;) )

Author: Duke Rottingham
2004-06-23 – Fleetbattles with CA and SA in U-QVWD.
fleetbattles with CA and SA in U-QVWD. 

Author: Einheriar Ulrich Vengeance of the fallen Curse Alliance. 
2004-06-23 – The Bermuda Triangle
Farming in empire

Author: TinUK&Lifewire
2004-06-23 – Spectre War's … Attack Of The Clones 
Anoter CA copr had pulled it's pilots back to Empire space where they felt safe. But Tyrell followed them, and gave them something to think about.. 

Author: Proteuz: Tyrell Corp
2004-06-23 – For greater justice
Recruitment video.

Author: Gurex
2004-06-23 – PA vs. FU
PA vs. FU

Author: Duke Rottingham
2004-06-23 – PA vs. fade union
PA vs. fade union

Author: Duke Rottingham
2004-06-23 – Caldari-Intaki Alliance
The Caldari-Intaki Alliance stands forth!

Author: Jurgan
2004-06-23 – CA vs. Xetic Alliance
CA Alliance campaign against Xetic Alliance in Immensea

Author: Einheriar Ulrich Vengeance of the fallen Curse Alliance.
In the fight against terror no Amarrian is ever alone …

Author: Archbishop, PIE Corporation
2004-05-24 – The second Minmatar rebellion begins here …
We are M.Corp, part of the Curse Alliance. Fear us! 

Author: Zond 3
2004-05-24 – Industrials: not just for hauling shuttles?
After several failed attempts to catch a interceptor pirate two Black Avatar pilots come up with a different solution … Special note: Thanks to Shai Hulud of Interceptors [Pwned] for being a good sport on this one.

Author: Levin Cavil
2004-05-12 – The Young Amarrian
Every journey begins with small steps … A young Amarrian ventures into the universe.

Author: Archbishop, PIE Corporation
2004-05-12 – RONA-Kia vs. Catch22
**NEWSFLASH** 1 Rona Pilot Murdered by Pirates … RONA-Kia go to war, revenge is coming … and it's sweet.

Author: RONA / Kia productions
2004-05-12 – Anarchy in Providence
Body Count INC. in Blackbirds. Sharks with Frikkin' Laser Beams in frigates. Someone is about to have a really bad night. 

Author: Seleene 
2004-05-12 – Syndicate front
A lone shuttle pilot runs into the middle of an ongoing battle between two large forces. Equipped only with a remote camera, the brave pilot records the main part of the battle before him …

Author: Nilkarus 
2004-05-12 – A Fine Day In Yehaba
Developmental Neogenics Amalgamated (DNA) restricting access into the Aridia region. With a little coordination and the right loadouts for the job, an efficient blockade is established preventing most travel through the system. 

Author: Nilkarus / Developmental Neogenics Amalgamated
2004-05-12 – Uprising
A small band of freedom fighters rise up against their oppressors.

Author: Nilkarus
2004-05-12 – Lord of the Drones
A short reminiscence of a players career as he heads into his second retirement. He later returned once more. Features historical tidbits and sights around the world of EVE. 

Author: Riddari
2004-05-12 – The Ogres
An homage to the underrated Dominix and it's swarm of drones, the Dominix is the undisputed lord of the drones with a whopping 5000+ m3 drone space. One of the best looking ships within the World of Eve and the most flexible battleship around. 

Author: Riddari 
2004-04-28 – Cruel Intentions
A tale of pirates being pirates. A small corp stands up to fight the injustice, only to find their lone ally betray them when they were needed most.

Author: ifni
2004-04-28 – Frigate March
The time when EVE came together to fight for their rights 

Author: Deadflip2
2004-04-17 – Pirate Mission Op Every-Metro
2 Pirates where dispatched on a mission to destroy all enemies currently trespassing our space.

Author: Tank CEO
2004-04-17 – A Call to Arms - Stain Alliance
Black day in Ca history. A day they wanna forget.

Author: infinity/Aeryn sun
2004-04-15 – JGR Corporation - Unforgiven
Greed, chaos, destruction.. attributes that define pirates, thieves and the unforgiven. This movie outlines the only law in lawless space: expect no mercy, give no mercy. XviD Codec required.

Author: DigitalCommunist 
2004-04-15 – Teddybears go picnic … 
… and they're carrying guns. …

Author: Nervar/myal Terego
2004-04-11 – The World of EVE
With hostilities between the Stain and Curse alliances raging as always, SA finds itself pit against yet another foe; the Xetic alliance. Dispite overwhelming odds, the Stain fleets answer the call with decisive victories in the several large battles which ensued, two of which are chronicled in this video, to secure its part in The World of EVE.

Author: Xelios
2004-04-07 – The collective
This is what the collective is about. 

Author: infinity
2004-04-05 – Killer Clowns
Killer Clowns …

Author: *Hammah* 
2004-04-05 – RONA corp

Author: JRobey
2004-03-28 – The C4 alliance's queste
The C4 alliance moves into the Esoteria Region and surrounding regions and face the SA in their quest for control of the region's stations. C9N-CC is declared a hot zone

Author: Lowery/Hollborn [7THSC]
2004-03-28 – From predator to prey
The first movie from the anti-pirate corp Celestial Apocalypse. As pirates spread throughout the land and the pillaging, robbing and destruction of the helpless increases, one corp makes it their aim to oppose this tide of darkness. This movie features the battle of K5-JRD.

Author: Dark Uncle & R3D DRAGON / Celestial Apocalypse
2004-03-26 – Together
You do not have to feel alone anymore.

Author: Leafo
2004-03-22 – Frigate Combat Federation
This video showcases the beauty of a good frigate fight. Scenes are taken from various matchups in a 2 on 2 frigate tournament. These pilots pull out all the stops and put everything on the line for their chance at fame and glory.

Author: Sara Kerrigan / PAK 
2004-03-22 – Soul Cartel - Wanted for crimes against humanity
This is the first video from the Soul Cartel. You will see the Cartel protecting their borders and disbanding unlawful mining operations within their territory. Hopefully the next video will contain a better story line but until then enjoy this action packed video.

Author: Tek Na'Shakk/Vatos Locos 
2004-03-22 – Esoteria Smackdown
After the northern fleet of the Stain Alliance collapses with the withdrawal of The Collective, the C4 alliance moves a fleet south to strike the 'comfortable' SA corporations who let their northern brothers down so badly.

Author: Max Delorian / TTI, Kayosoni of Ota Corps 
2004-03-22 – Invasion of Catch/Querious
CFS and affiliates have been mining and gathering fleets in the Querious region for weeks. All was peaceful until it became apparent that this was all in preperation for an invasion on C4 territory. Moments after the invasion, the C4 dispatched a fleet to strike at the very heart of the aggressors' power - Querious.

Author: Max Delorian / TTI - C4 Alliance
2004-03-22 – Crielere event
Guristas Crielere event.

Author: drunkenmaster 
2004-03-22 – Zombie attacks Yulai
Zombie Corp Sieges Yulai

Author: drunkenmaster 
2004-03-22 – Rome
Rome captures 2 stations from Arcadia followed by a big battle.

Author: Grilldor
2003-11-21 – Jokers: The Movie
The Space Pirates of the Jokers Corporation in action.

Author: Fist/Jokers
2003-11-20 – Venal Beatdown III
November was a busy month for both the NVA and FE player alliances. Word had spread that the New Venal Alliance (NVA) knew of the Forsaken Empire's (FE) intentions to invade their home systems and would be waiting for them. Here is the third in a series of videos where an effort was made to bring the fight to the NVA, only this one took place in the core systems of Venal.

Author: Archain/Space Invaders
2003-11-14 – Help is but a Jump Away
A group of two New Venal Alliance (NVA) ships has a Forsaken Empire (FE) ship warp scrambled and target jammed. Unable to fire or flee, the FE ship was being badly damaged as it's shield systems were failing. It's only a matter of time before his battleship is in ruins … or is it? Today is the pilot's lucky day! He was not alone in the system. The player took a beating for almost 3 mins prior to help arriving, barely escaping destruction. This video is a short clip of the rescue attempt.

Author: Archain/Space Invaders 
2003-11-06 – The Sacking of Venal
Two player constructed alliances are locked in what has been a long term ongoing war. This is a video of the Forsaken Empire's (FE) attempt to infiltrate the territories of the New Venal Alliance (NVA) as seen from an FE pilot. While the video may show a victory, the NVA remained in the region and continued it's defensive efforts.
Author: Archain/Space Invaders 
2003-11-01 – Amarr Championship Round 3
House of Ardishapur vs House of Kador.
Ardishapur’s champion Detativ confronts Kador’s Warhound.

Author: Archain 
2003-11-01 – Amarr Championship Round 6
House of Davit Tash-Murkon vs House of Jamyl Sarum.
Con’Mal on behalf of Tash-Murkon meets the dark lady’s champion Shrike.

Author: JasonBryner
2003-11-01 – Amarr Championship Round 7
House of Idonis Ardishapur vs House of Jamyl Sarum.
Detativ, a hero of Amarrian fundimentalism meets the champion of Jamyl Sarum,Shrike.

Author: Renbo 

Fanfest 2008

2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Teaser
A quick teaser to wet your appetite for more Fanfest goodies, take a quick glimpse at the Fanfest while downloading other lectures.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: World Domination
The keynote speeches from Fanfest 2008, find out what's on the horizon for Eve, from social tools to making Eve a bigger and better sandbox.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Walking in Stations
A demonstration of Walking in Stations and more information about where the expansion is in development.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Roxor & The Party on Top of the World
The CCP Dev band ROXOR take to the stage as the Party on Top of the World gets into full swing on the last night of Fanfest 2008. 
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: CCP Panel
See the heads of CCP answer questions from the audience covering every and all topics related to Eve and CCP.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Pvp Tournament
The final of the Fanfest 2008 Pvp "Mining" Tournament, presented live on stage by the cast of Eve Tv!
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: TQ Servers; Making Mountains out of Molehills
From the humble beginnings of the Eve Cluster called Tranquility to the current setup and hurdles of the present. Also details on how Tranquility will grow, both short and long term in the future.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Quiz Show
Returning by popular demand, the show that pits two teams of Eve Online Devs against each other in a contest of wits, skill, reaction time and knowledge. A damsel's worth of entertainment compressed into one show of intensive mayhem.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: On the Cutting Edge
You've seen what Walking in Stations is now, but what about the future? Check out the newest graphics and tools planned for Eve Online.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Alliance Panel
Hear from the movers and shakers of the major alliances in New Eden.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: WIS Enviroments
Learn how players can customize the look and feel of their establishments in Walking in Stations.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Designing WIS
Designers are rock stars; they live fast and furious and play games all day long. Right? Find out the truth with this look at what is truly involved in the design of Walking in Stations.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: CSM Panel
Hear from the CSM panel on their progress during the first elected term and their vision for the future of Eve and the CSM, lead by an independent moderator.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: QA! Are we ready to ship?
Our QA team and bug-hunter volunteers take the stage, talking about what it's like being the last line of defence before and after the game reaches tranquillity.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Eve IP
A look at how the immersive backstory of Eve integrates with content and game design.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: The Economy
Comparing market and socio-economic data between Tranquility and Serenity.
2008-11-14 – Fanfest 2008: Speakeasy 
A staged reading of a brand new chronicle, wherein we explain just how crazy Eve agents really are. There will be sex, violence, theft, drugs and a sandwich.
2008-11-13 – Fanfest 2008: Quiz Show
Returning by popular demand, the show that pits two teams of Eve Online Devs against each other in a contest of wits, skill, reaction time and knowledge. A damsel's worth of entertainment compressed into one show of intensive mayhem.

Concept Art

Durch Klick auf das erste Bild öffnet Ihr die Slideshow der noch verfügbaren größeren Bilder. Weitere Concept Art ist in diesem PDF zu finden, das Jandice Ymladris entdeckt hat.
Die Titelbilder aller EVE Expansions
Click on the first of each gallery section to open a slideshow of larger versions. Not all images were still availabe. Additional concept art can be found in this PDF which was found by Jandice Ymladris.
Title images of all EVE Expansions


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Fan Videos

Zahlreiche weitere Videos von der Community und von CCP

Many more Videos made by the Community and CCP

videothumb Cinematic Trailer: The Congregation.
The finished cinematic trailer for The Congregation.

More Videos by Jack Attack on YouTube
videothumb Top secret video material
This is documentation about what really happened in Area 51. In 1947 CCP generated a wormhole leading to New Eden. Later on the government told us it was a "weather balloon"... Take a look at the secret film material that was leaked to us by a secret CCP agent.

More Videos by Psy Cho on the YouTube channel EVE Outtakes
videothumb NyanEve
This is a typical PvE video with Abaddon.
I'm very tired converting it to video, sorry. But /maybe/ I will make a silly game someday :)
More videos by Shyaltii
videothumb Rooks and Kings – Clarion Call 3
Visually impressive about the outcome of a campaign by Rooks and Kings
More videos by Rooks and Kings on YouTube
videothumbEVE Outtakes – Shipsizevideo
This video is made to compare ships of the same ship class with each other. A second video that compares ships with buildings and other stuff will follow soon …
More videos by Psy Cho in the YouTube channel EVE Outtakes
videothumbEVE Outtakes – Shipsizevideo Scale Edit
This is the second part of the shipsize video. This time the ships are compared with other structures like buldings or planes. I hope this one gives you a better impression of the scale.
More videos by Psy Cho auf dem YouTube Kanal EVE Outtakes
videothumb Shujina Shiznae – Sightseeing of the EVE Universe
o/ Hello fellow capsuleers and potential new ones. i bring you a video of some sites found in the EVE Universe.
Created by In Game Character: Shu'jiha Shiznae

Musik Videos

videothumb EVE Dumb Ways to Die Parody
An Eve Online Parody of "Dumb Ways to Die" by Rixx Javix and Sindel Pellion.
Blogpost with announcement, feedback and a wallpaper image
More Parody Songs by Sindell
videothumb TsukasaTiger – Mittani Went Down to Fountain
After going back and re-watching the video a few times, i'm catching where I occasionally a word … and other small things..
The video in all honesty was just a placeholder so I could post it on Vimeo. Soundcloud instantly flags it and takes it down. Damn bots.
Anyways.. it's fixed now. Enjoy. :)
By TsukasaTiger
videothumb Naburi NasNaburi – I'm a Pirate
This is an EVE-Parody about the song "Creep" from "Radiohead" perfomed by Naburi NasNaburi! She's sometimes the CoHost of DJ Raserball from EVE-Radio.
More videos by Naburi NasNaburi on YouTube and on MixCloud
videothumb Cearul – How To Stay Aligned
Song Performed by Cearul
Lyrics Written by Cearul and Konrad Amadeus
Music Mix Created by Baba Z
Video Created by DoctorVenkman
videothumb Gary Jules – It's A Bad World
Okay, so I heard the original at work and thought i would change the lyrics for EVE!
ts just meant for fun so no flaming :P If you watch the EVE trailer it goes with what im singing about in the song too lol!

Clear Skies

Diese Videos sind wohl die berühmtesten Fan made Videos. Geschaffen wurden sie von Ian Chisholm und weiteren. Erzählt werden die Abenteuer von John Rourke, Solomon Burke und Charlie Fodder. Drei Episoden sind erschienen.
Weitere Informationen findet Ihr auf der Clear Skies Website

These videos are probably the most famous fan made videos. They were created by Ian Chisholm and others. The videos tell the adventures of the Pilots John Rourke, Solomon Burke and Charlie Fodder. Three episodes got released.
You can find more information about the videos on the Clear Skies Website

videothumb Clear Skies - an EVE vid with a difference … A mix of Half Life 2 and EVE, an actual plot and acting, all put together for a 40 minute 'pilot episode' format film. Two years of my hard work culminated in this, I'm very proud of it and I hope you like it. It's a big file so there is a trailer as well if you want a taster first. I didn't post up anything earlier as I'm a believer in doing *then* saying ;)
videothumb It is an honour and a pleasure to say to you all:
Turn down the lights
Turn up the sound
It's Clear Skies 2
Thank you for your interest and your patience in awaiting this, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it! Apologies for the slight release ****up but all water under the bridge and I hope even people with the hooky early version will re-download the complete one

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